What is Epgy?


Although it stands for Education Program for Gifted Youth, there is no doubt that the experience is much more than an educational program.

Kids get to

-live in houses with each other and often participate in house wars which result in Pi Phi owning

-play football (soccer for you americans) late at night at Wilbur. It is so goddamn pitch black that even white people cannot see their hands in front of their eyes. After a couple of games people soon realize which people to avoid (Tal), which people to pass to (Felipe/Deets) and which people to ignore (Konark)

-learn about crazy ass shit!

-have the time of their life

Often kids will experience a humongous wave of sadness on the last two days, which is probably why they pull an all-nighter.

In short, the best 4 weeks of your life.

Buddy: Where were you this summer?

Me: Epgy

Buddy: How was it?

Me: Amazing is an understatement

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