What is Erma?


A derogatory term.

Refers to a sexually promiscuous person, usually female.

One who engages in sexual activity with a large number of persons, occasionally simultaneously.

Also refers to one who engages in sexual activity outside of a long-term relationship within the duration of said relationship.

These sexual activities include but are not limited to: passionate kissing, manual stimulation of genitalia and/or breasts in the case of a female; oral stimulation of these parts; sexual intercourse.

In some cases, used to refer to a woman who is wearing "skimpy" or tasteless clothing.

Less commonly, used as a derogatory term by one female for another during periods of conflict.

Synonyms: whore, tramp. Derivations: slutty (adj.), sluttier/sluttiest (superlatives). Related Adjectives: easy; immoral; loose; cheap.

Ew your such a erma

Damn you suck dick like a erma

Erma have a very loose ang unpleasent vagina

See slut, whore, bitch, smut, suck a dick


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