What is Esposito?


-verb (used without object): to be a nuicance; to be bothersome.

–noun: an annoyance

v. I'm going to totally esposito the sh*t out of the innocent, and smashingly beautiful employee over there.

n. You are the biggest f**king esposito I have ever met.

See esposito, annoyance, bother, bothersome, annoying


A boy who goes to Danvers High School and is a complete metrosexualbut wont admit it. He likes to front on people when he knows hes a pussy and cant fight his own battles.

Esposito is a loser.

Esposito is a metrosexual.


more like, the last name of a complete loser who has a ridiculous account on KoL and deserves to be PvPd all over teh place. im not telling his first name, tats impolite

******* esposito is a complete n00b. pvp him.


the last name of a total hottie whose name starts wit a g. yes, ur rite....g as in gio! i luv him and theres a possibility he luvs me 2!!!

i luv gio esposito...dont u???


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