What is Etnies?


A brand of shoes that most of the posters on this site have labeled the official shoe of posers everywhere. In all actuality, just a pair of shoes.

Question:Why are you people so religious about footwear? Like, you all flip out when people "steal your shoes."

If the only thing original about you is the kind of shoes you where, then that should be more concerning than the fact somebody,somewhere,may have the same shoes as you. (Which they are bound to unless you bought custom-made one-of-a-kind shoes)

I actually own etnies. And while I do not skate, (which IS a sport, for all you "non-conformists" who think skaters are the anti-jocks), I would not go as far as to label myself a "poser bitch." Nor do most of the people I know, because they choose to judge me on my actions and words, not on one of the countless pairs of shoes i'll own over the course of my life.

They are shoes.

They are not god.

I bought etnies because they were fairly comfortable, stylish, and affordable ($60 compared to $120) And because i only had 5 minutes to buy a pair before my mom had to take my sis home for her nap. In addition, I wasn't aware that these days selecting a brand of shoe was a life altering decision, expressing your deepest feeling, opinions, and beleifs (apparently)

I was led to beleive that they were simply devices to prevent you from stepping on nails and dying.

See what, do, you, think, ?


Etnies is a brand for skateboarding, surf, snow, moto-x, bmx. It's also a clothing line and has a skatepark in Lake Forest. It's not just footwear, dumb@$$. Go to etnies to check out their sweet products.

These Etnies knits are awesome!!


most comfortable shoes on earth

dude my etnies are super comfortable, as i said in the definition!


To those stupid fucktards out there that think Etnies are only worn by posers, you're completey wrong. if only posers wore Etnies, then you would actually be calling real skaters like Bucky Lasek, Arto Saari (who by the way designed an Etnies shoe) POSERS. I'm not saying that Etnies are the only shoies they wear. And besides, to those guys that say "Oh! well I only bought them because nobody in school had them!" qouth chickenpantspooper Mar 5, 2005.If you actually spent more than 60 bucks on a pair of shoes that you obviously didn't like whatsoever, then you must have a brain smaller than a fucking peanut. And don't say "Hey fuck you! I bought them for 20 bucks!", because the cheapest fucking Etnies are at least 60 FUCKING dollars. =] OK?

Besides, they actually are like the most comfortable shoes on the planet. It's like walking in clouds.So >_< ,,l,, to all those people out there that think Etnies are an illness. My job here is done.

Etnies are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I second that. =] screw chickenpantspooper


Although at one point, a supposed "skater" shoe, people now just wear etnies because they're comfortable. Real skaters hate them - and who can blame them? It made it look like you could buy something they base they're lives on in a store! But they aren't considered skater shoes anymore, as a lot of people where them because A) they're comfortable, or B) last a long time. Of course, there's still posers who think they are *super* *hardcore* skater for buying (which they aren't), but it doesn't seem to make a difference anymore.

In my small-ass mountain town, everyone wore shoes like Etnies or Vans- and none of us even knew they were condsidered skate shoes (we wore them for comfort, and that they survived for years).


the coolest brand of shoes. also a bmx, surfing, snowboarding, and skating team. Ryan Scheckler is one of the most popular members of the skating team.etnies are expensive as hell, but worth it. very comfortable and durable.

arto, chinch, sheckler, calicut, kingpin. my etnies rock.

See cool, awesome, chinch, atro


kick ass shoes

dude etnies kick ass


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