What is Eugene?


A place in Oregon where women do not need to shave their armpits.

I'm sick of midwest American culture; I think I'll move to Eugene, grow out my body hair, and get liberal.

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a wonderful city in oregon, home of the u of o ducks. a great college city with a great community. the grass is green, people are happy, and everyone is nice. this place is as close to heaven on earth as you can get. crime rate is low, girls are hot, air is clean, and fun is easy to come by. a dull day in eugene (aka paradise) is better than a great day in other cities.

eugene is awesome, a great place to live

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Dude with a boob fetish.

I broke up with my boyfriend.


That Eugene couldn't keep his eyes off other girls tits.

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A guy with a huge cock who gets all the girls. He is the embodiment of awesome.

Damn, he must be Eugene.

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Eugene, Oregon.

Home to the Hippies, Homeless, and Ducks.

A shit town in most respects, the city council makes it look clean but underneath the veneer it is a stinking cesspool of human filth.

The real trick they use is the neighboring Springfield, OR which is even worse, so they look better by comparison.

Guy 1:We been driving for three fucking hours, lets stop here in Eugene.

Guy 2: Fuck that, its only 2 more hours to Portland

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to make love.

"whoa, kenny is eugeneing mary"

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A character from the video game Tales of Rebirth. He appears to be a humoniod-panther with a wigglely braid.

Eugene has a wigglely braid.

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