What is Evanston?


A really cool college town. Distinct from the rest of the North Shore, especially Kenilworth, Wilmette, Winnetka, etc., because those are rich suburbs that are riddled with Republicans. Evanston is a hip liberal town that is the closest to Chicago.

The City of Evanston is named for a man called Dr. John Evans.

I want a neighborhoodie that says Evanston on it.


Best town!

Church and Dodge...


Portifinos Pizza-1-847-475-FOOD

See Evanston


The only cool city north of Chicago. Has decent looking downtown and is not all uppity like the other north shore suburbs. Home of Northwestern University

"Where you from."

"I'm from the north shore."

"You from the north shore, snobbish bitch?"

"Yea, from Evanston."

"Aww, my bad. you from the only cool city noth of Chi-Town

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awesome place, so much better than wilmette

Evanston is so fucking cool, even if some of the guys are total assholes


A North Shore suburb of Chicago that has great appeal only for adult residents. When it comes to education for K-12 students, however, its school system is primarily less-than-lackluster. The city attempts to lie to new residents with children about its so-called "excellent public school system", and new students become excited with high hopes of a diverse, large, enthusiastic and intellectual school, and only arrive to find the opposite.

Man, I'm glad that my family has found a great place in Evanston, next to the lake and a nice park in a fantastic upper scale neighborhood, yet going to high school here is so sucky.

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Suburb of Chicago on the "North Shore". Home to Northwestern University (go Wildcats), large, ritzy houses and nice cars. Evanston has an expansive downtown with plenty to do (if you've got the cash). See Panera, Borders, the Gap, Starbucks (x3), Urban Outfitters, the Keg (a notorious 18+ bar), Kafein (awesome coffee shop) and NU.

Also the location of the movie "Mean Girls"

You've got a new beemer?

Ahhh...you live in Evanston.


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