What is Excellent?


A word similar to cool or awesome. Usually used to show excitement or enthusiam towards something.

"Wayne's World, Wayne's World. Party time, excellent!"

"That pie was excellent!"

"I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geicko...excellent!"

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An item or experience of superlative value.

Wow! That Annie's Mac 'n Cheese with parmesan, blue cheese, salsa, Newman's Own and raisins was really excellent!!!


Mr Burns of the Simpsonsfavourite expression when devising an evil scheme. Usually uttered whilst tenting his fingers.

Mr Burns " Smithershave the hounds been released?"

Smithers "Yes sir"

Mr Burns "Excellent"

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*taps fingertips together*


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An Adjective used to describe that which is superlatively better than everything else around it. "Excellent" can only be used for the most extremely awesome of epic things.

C.D. Hylton Marching Band. Now that is one excellent organization

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The second-highest step rating in the game of In The Groove, only to Fantastic. Excellent gives 80% credit for the step.

I just got this song down to 13 excellent.

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NOT so excellent when said sarcastically. Used in a derogatory manner to mean exactly the opposite of its true meaning. Said when a complete SNAFUoccurs and usually inflected upwards at the end so that instead of saying the "EX" with more force, you gradually increase the pitch and distress in your voice as you follow through the word. Delivery of "excellent" is an art form mastered by the most sarcasticindividuals who have experienced far too many fuck-ups. A cluster fuck expression.

Max: "Remember I told you we won the lottery, well, I took the ticket in and found out that I had a ticket from LAST MONTH'S draw, I felt like a total stooge. Sorry dude, we actually didn't win that $6 MILLION."

Scott: "Excellent!"

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