Excuse Me Bro

What is Excuse Me Bro?


what you say at a club or bar to a puffed out chested guy when you need to get through to get to the bar, which is why you are REALLY at the bar cuz you go to the bar to get DRUNK not to pick up gold diggers. ANYWAY- when you need to convey to a potentially trouble causing trendy striped shirt guy that you want to get through in a very non confrentational "im being polite to you so you cant get mad at me" way.. you say "excuse me bro" and they let you through and they have no option but to be polite back. its bar/club ediqette. everyone knows that and if you dont. learn it.

*walking through the bar* 'excuse me bro'- no prob man go ahead. thanks bro.

See bar, club, sac, town, drunk


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