What is Exercise?


something you don't do because you spend too much time on the internet.

dude 1: hey, maybe we should go like exercise or something.

dude 2: fuck that, i'm having a dandy enough time right here on the internets.

dude 1: word

See work, out, internet, fat, obese


Doing shit in the gym.

The monkey was doing exercise in her cage.


various activities ranging from aerobic, wieght lifting, combined with a proper diet, lazy fat people would have nothing to complain about, granted they don't have a heart attack of some sort while complaining.

Don't break a sweat trying to read this wouldn't want you passing out before you exercise.

See health, fat, lard, grease, lazy, obese, walrus, cow, hippo, diet, fast food, deep fried, power walk, sweat, cardio, move


(verb) to pleasure ones self

im gonna go home and exercise my penis

See exercise, pleasure, whack off, alone time


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