What is Expert?


(1.)Someone Who thinks they knew how to do something but actually just screwed everything up. (2.)Someone who goes into a serious explanation of doing something fairly simple or unimportant like how to drive a bumper car. (3.) When something just doesn't work how you want it to. (4.) an Idiot... Nub

for 1st def:

Person: Man I really need to fix my computer.

Expert: No problem I'll help.

Person: You freakin EXPERT! You just erased my hard drive.

2nd def:

*In line to ride the bumper cars*

Expert: Now son you need to get a little distance so you can pick up speed then you want to hit them in the side.....ect.

*also in line behind expert watching him talk to his son*

Person: Expert bumper cars! Dang leave the kid alone.

3rd def:

*trying to call a friend and your cell phone says the network is busy* after the third time....

Person: expert network busy..Dang!

or when friend answers you can call him expert network busy!

See nub, idiot, dumb, stupid, incompetent, moron, gay


a contract liar

Dr Mc Calm an expert on genetically modified foods and consultant for the FDA assures us that these products are safe.

See liar, conman, stooge, spokesman, soothsayer, pr, propaganda, spin


Ex (a former) spurt (a drip under pressure)

adam "don't worry eve I'm an expert"

eve "lol what; ex, a former spurt; a drip under pressure

See drip, former, lol


Someone with a blog or a dude with an opinion.

Daily Kos, some dude on the street, the old guy next to you at your cousin's wedding, the guest "expert" on whatever talk radio show you're listening to.

See expert, professional, know-it-all, idiot, bright, intelligent


1. An older woman with drooping breasts.

The changover from the youthfull pert tits that become expert.

2. Also an indication she will be more experianced at sex

" im not shagging that college chick any more, shes all looks, i need to start chasing up experts "

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