What is Explicit Things Found In Disney Movies?


Aladdin: before "A Whole New World" Aladdin asks Jasmine if she wants to go on a carpet ride, Rajah the tiger attacks him and he whispers "Good teens take off their clothes"

The Little Mermaid: (1) When TLM was first put out on video in 1990, a penis can be seen on a pillar-type pole on the castle.

(2) During Eric and Vanessa's wedding sequence, the minister appears like he has an erection.

The Rescuers: For a few frames, a photograph of a topless woman can be seen in a window.

The Lion King: After "Hakuna Matata", once Simba lies down at night, the dust cloud going by spells out 'sex'

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: (1) For a few frames, Jessica Rabbit can be seen with her dress blown up with no underwear

(2) Donald Duck calls Daffy Duck a racial slur (I don't want to say it on the site, even though it's on here a lot)

information from: snopes (the disney section)


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