Extreme Power Metal

What is Extreme Power Metal?


extreme power metal is a form music spawned from the power metal genre. The key ideal behind it is the music is played at very high speeds and to make sound well has to be done with skill. extreme power metal bands often use keybords or keytars and the vocals are almost operatic, there is usually many solos within the songs which tend to be long songs. the concept of the style is to make the listner feel powerfull and the songs are uplifting

the original extreme power metal band is "dragonforce" who have started to pick up credit for there music after there signing with "roadrunner records" and there 3rd album "inhuman rampage" and there music video for the song "through the fire and the flames" which shows the band simply playing the song. there early albums "valley of the damned" and "sonic firestorm " the songs often include lyrics about epic battles with riding across battle feilds. the band also includes a 3rd of the worlds slammers (a style of playing the guitar) and herman lei won the best shredder metal hammer award

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A combination of power metaland extreme metal, defined by high tempo songs, technically challenging and melodic riffs/solos, mid-range growled vocals, and an overall darker sound. Bands are often labeled Melodic Death Metal, even though they have as much in common with death metal as they do Glam. Quite popular in the Finnish metal scene.

Children of Bodom, Norther, Wintersun, and Kalmah are the prime examples of Extreme power metal. Dragonforce is not, though they think that they invented the term.

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