Eye Socket Rape

What is Eye Socket Rape?


Eye Socket Rape, is, sadly, an actual theme in some Japanese Hentai Doujinshi (porn fan comics, like, a Sailor Moon porn fan comic)) and hentai manga (porn comics). The only place I've ever seen it is in a popular sex comic published by ErosComix(), the name of which I'm not quite sure of, though the series features a futanari (dick-girl, aka, woman with a penis) named "Jun".

Anyway, as you can tell by the word, it involves a penis entering a woman's (usually, can be a man's) eye socket, and utterly destroying the eye during the penetration and sexual act. This is usually not consensual sex, thus why it is called "Eye Socket Rape", though I know at least one incident where it was consensual.

It's in the last issue of that comic, anyway.

In the last issue of that comic, that creepy guy eye socket rapes his demure mail-order alien bride.

See Dizzy


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