What is Eyeball?


To check the quantity of illicit substances without the use of a gram scale.

Lemme eyeball it... that's about an ounce.


Attempting to guess the weight of one's marijuana simply by looking at it when one is silly enough to forget thy scales

Duuuude that 8th seriously eyeballs at 4Grams!!

See weed, ounce, eighth, 8th, ganj


1) (vt) to stare at another with intent to threaten or insult

2) (vt) to measure by visual estimate

1) That bully eyeballs everyone like he wants to pick a fight.

2) How long is the hallway? About 10ft, just eyeballing it.


A warden of Irish decent. This being is only capable of carrying out one mundane task at a time, such as pressing door entry buttons, chain smoking strange branded cigarettes, or answering the telephone.

Eyeball is easily identified by his flaking skin, bedraggled appearance, and strange odour of TCP. Special abilities include the making of super strength tea, and talking loudly during good television programmes.

Eyeball, ive got more culture under my foreskin than you have in your whole family tree

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Prison slang for anus or anal virginity

As in, "Give me that eyeball boy!"

Referring to anal virginity


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