What is Eyebrow?


The line of hair above each eye at the bottom of the forehead. They come in all shapes, sizes & styles. It serves the purpose of blocking sunlight from the eyes (notice how the eyes are farther back in the skull). People with darker colored eyebrows usually have better vision on a bright day, seeing as how dark colors (especially black) hold light, while blond might spread light. In my humble opinion, one of the sexiest places to get a piercing. When the two are connected by more hair, it is called a unibrow.

I can see better on a bright day than a blond because my eyebrows are black. And the chicks think my piercing is hot.

See eye, brow, eyebrow, piercing, light


meaning thats sick, awesome, totally cool

Those shoes are not eyebrow, but that Chanel purse sure is eyebrow!

See really cool, awesome, tight, sick nasty, sweet


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