What is Ezra?


Man with a 10 inch penis and massive hands

A guy with huge hands is an ezra

See hands, pimp, slinky


Ezra is the kind of thing you always want around you.

Ezra can make you happy.

Ezra can lift your spirits with just looking at it.

Person1: Man, I am feeling so tired & just so discouraged lately..

Person2: Hm, I know just the thing!. Try Ezra!. It'll make you feel happy, & like all is going well..

Ezra is better than drugs.

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A walking god on earth. Meerly exists in society to pleasure the female population and to educate males as how to become men.


Similar to Chuck Norris but way better.

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Guitar player in the band Leftover Crack, InDK, Choking Victim, Morning Glory. Also, a life long squatter.

That dude Ezra, he can wail.


1 pound sterling. From reference to Ezra Pound.

Can you loan me an ezra or two, mate?

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