F Bomb

What is F Bomb?


f bomb refers to the strongest weapon in one's verbal arsenal. in a time when words like 'bitch' and 'ass' have lost their shock value in pop culture, the word 'fuck' is still like dropping a bomb in polite conversation.

in junior high, my teacher called my parents because i dropped the f bomb in art class.

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The "f word"

Al Pacino dropped 182 f bombs in Scarface

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You must include all four letters, F-U-C-K. "F-off" is not dropping the f bomb.

Fuck off, Shasta!


The word "Fuck".

Words like ' shit' and 'ass' no longer have much shock value. Fuck is the mother of all cuss words. But to avoid saying 'fuck' when refering to 'fuck', people call the word an 'f bomb'.

Person 1: I fucking told her to get me a fucking twinkie.

Person 2: O...k

Person 1: She got me a fuckin honey bun instead.

Person 2: and...

Person 1: Are you mocking me? Well, fuck you you fucking fuck!

Person 2: ...a tad happy with the f bomb, aren't we?

Use the f bomb sparingly, or it looses it's effectiveness.

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dropping the f-bomb is to take off ones verbal gloves and put on the bronze knuckles of swear words. To use the f-bomb is to tap into the ultimate source of power. Be careful young grasshopper, or the f-bomb may consume you.


Bitchass #2: "don't you unplug da fbomb like that bitch you preppy son of a bitch"

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1. an euphemism for the swearword "fuck".

2. an euphemism for the word friend, a polite term used by chicks to show that they're not really interested in a guy. A nice guy's worst enemy. Can also be used as a verb.

1. The rocker dropped an F bomb on national TV.

2a. "Dude, I was really into this girl, but the other day she called me a friend!"

"Not the F bomb!"

2b. Girl: "You're a true friend."

Guy: "I just got F bombed."

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The new f-bomb is for the internet. It's the believe that the words 'fag' or 'faggot' are just as bad as the word 'fuck' because the majority of the users on the internet are pro-gay rights or somewhat non-straight themselves.

Dude, Jerry just got banned for using the f-bomb.

What?? The mods use it all the time!

No, the new f bomb.

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