Fab Fifteen Noun

What is Fab Fifteen Noun?


15 repulsive whores from Massapequa, who barely graduated from high skool. They are envied by none and hated by all. NO generations look up to them. Thier knowledge of partying is the extent of 15 of them splitting one bottle of wine, then faking drunk while participating in lesbian encounters

the fab 15 should be demolished immediately


no need to define.. you knowwwwwwwww

Lime green tee's ; green means envy


A group of 15 highly attractive girls that all live in Massapequa and graduated from Massapequa Highschool in 2004. All gemerations look up to them. They are the most popular group of girls on Long Island and know a great deal about partying.

"Yes! The 'Fab Fifteen' are coming!"

(Other nicknames of the Fab Fifteen are as follows: Fabbers, Baf51, Fab15, Fabulous Fifteen, The Fab, etc.)

See Samantha


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