What is Fabolous?


heavy rapper street dreams heavy album!!


One of the most talented rappers out there today. Makes more money from doing appearances on other peoples' songs than making his own.

Fabolous has made appearances on songs by artists such as Jennifer Lopez, B2K, Amerie, Lil Mo, Usher, Christina Milian, and 112.


1. To Be real!

2. Da realist nigga in da rap game. Upcoming legend.

1. Fabolous

2. "U niggas can’t share my air

or walk around in the pair I wear

and im getting better year by year..."


child of the ghetto doing his thing right....

Ghetto Fab....stroll thru Cheetahs.


da hottest rapper around keep on street dreamin, hiz broda's name iz Paul Cain. hiz record label iz called Street Family Entertainment he from da BK

dey call me FA Bizzie somtymz Fizzo da wrist on frizzy da neck on glizzo da coupe move ezzy da 2 double izzo


Hottest young rapper out now from brooklyn. new york. Laid back, sexy, cool, and out to prove he is more than just a rapper for the ladies.

Tall slim rapper usually riding luxurious with a nice pair of bapes, timbs, and a fitted hat. Style rocked to a "t" and has excentric lyrics to go along with his style.


tha baddest rapper around!!!!

always spellin it FA BO LO US

See Fabolous


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