Face Time

What is Face Time?


Time spent talking with a client in person as opposed to email, IM, or cellular phone. Direct personal interaction.

This client is important, so instead of emailing him the proposal, go on over and get some face time.


The time that is shared face to face wtih another person. With the onset of so much technology---my space, face book, text messaging, cell phone, e mail----there is a downturn in "face time". Time spent with friends, families, & other inerpersonal relationships.

I have been missing my father and just needed some "face time" with him.

Mom is getting older now and lives out of town, she doesnt' have a cell phone or use the internet so all we really have left is "face time".

See friends, family, relationships


Time spent being in the office, usually late, for the sake of being seen by others in the office. Particularly prevalent in the investment banking industry especially around bonus time.

I was at work until 2am last night reading Urnabdictionary.

That was some serious face time


The amount of time that your woman spends sitting on your face during sex. This applies to both Hetero and Homo-Sexual activities.

Beth got alot of face time with her girlfriend last night.


The intention of someone (most often a guy) to show their face, as often as possible, in a public crowded area in hopes to be recognized (hopefully by a girl) at later occurrences, usually at a social event.


Steve "Hey man I'm about to go to the library to study for a huge test, and get some face time with the bitches so I can get laid this weekend"

*Stacy and Steve make eye contact in the library and they share smiles*


Stacy" Hey your that kid from the library getting face time with the bitches so you could get laid this weekend while studying at the same time...wanna fuck?"

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1. The moment at which Templeton "Face" Peck of the A-Team must use his masculine charms, usually (though not necessarily limited to) upon an attractive female with large hair, in order to gain access to a building or otherwise perform some smooth-patter feat to ensure the success of the on-the-run ex-military samaritan squad.

2. The first, prolonged, intimate session of sexual contact with Templeton "Face" Peck of the A-Team, usually no more than half an hour after an episode's closing credits.

Hannibal: "Face, we need you to distract that womanly security guard in order to steal that kettle to make our steam tank."

Templeton "Face" Peck: "OK, it's Face Time."


Attractive big-haired 80s woman: "Templeton, what are you...?"

Templeton "Face" Peck: "Oh yeah momma, it's Face Time..."

Big-hair: "Oooooh."

See Scribe


Actual time spent in front of another person. The idea is that this is "time" spent with the person as opposed to other forms of communication. Such as writing or phone.

"You need to spend some face time with your girl friend if you expect to keep her around"

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