What is F.a.g?


FAG is the name given the Film Actors' Guild of peaceniks in "Team America."

Alec Baldwin is the head of F.A.G., Film Actors'Guild, not Ben Affleck. Affleck's little buddy from that Mork from Ork movie, Matt Damon, is in 'Team America,' delivering his one line, 'Matt Damon,' a la Timmy. Kim Jong Il invites F.A.G to a world peace summit.

For example,"Some day they will say 'Thanks, F.A.G.'"

Nice job, F.A.G.

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a short abbreviation to the term fine ass guy.

DAAAAMN!!!! did you see that F.A.G across the street!

Yea homegirl, imma go hit him up.

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F.A.G Fine ass Girl, a pretty girl with lots of confidence, really say it around people that know about it cuz if not other people will think ur gay i think i dunno but i say !Fine Ass Girl! thats me!!

Girl imma F.A.G its all about the fine ass girl up in herre!!

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Friend of Adam Gregory

adam gregory


F.A.G is an acronym standing for federal actors guild

In Team America: World Police, F.A.G, led by Ben Affleck, is up against Team America.


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