What is Fagnet?


A straight man who is unwillingly considered to be extremely attractive by homosexual males. A conjunction of the terms "fag" and "magnet".

Carl: Hey did he just check you out?

Brad: No dude, no way!

Carl: He DID! You must be a fagnet!

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Fagnet: a person who is sexually straight but always attracts homosexual people. a magnet for homo's

Micah said "Jay no matter what bar my (straight) nephew goes to if there is a guy in the bar who wants cawk there on him almost instantly!" Jay replied "oh snap he's a Fagnet; ya know magnet for fags!"

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A straight male whom gay males are strongly attracted to...

My boyfriend John is a fagnet--the gays just love him!

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A person that attracts fags

All the gay guys keep talking to him, he's such a fagnet!


A straight woman who consistently attracts attention from gay men in various social and public settings.

Jackie: Dude, Kerry always finds random gay guys to buy her drinks and pay her cover charges.

Teo: Yeah, she is such a Fagnet.

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A guy who attracts homosexual guys like a magnet. Usually the fagnet is not gay himself.

Sally: Hey Tim, wanna go to the gay bar with us? They always have better music there.

Tim: Love to, but I'm a real fagnet. I always get molested when I'm there. Think I'll pass, but have a great time.

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A person, usually straight, to whom homosexuals and bisexuals are drawn as friends.

My ex-wife is a fagnet. Every gay person, man or woman, for 500 miles will find her.


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