What is Fagort?


A dadaist ejaculation; a defiant, yet meaningless cry against growing despair, heralding a creeping nihilism.

<lethargic_> howard dean may seem like a solid, pro-labor leftist, but his election in vermont is misleading. he supports NAFTA, to the point of voting for fast track, and like clinton, is promising a health care reform he has no intention to deliver.

<clarknova> FAGORTLOOLZ!

See clarknova


A corruption of the word "faggot." Used most often in internet verbal battles. Also could be used to refer to a bundle of sticks.

1. Look at that pencil-pusher, he is a total fagort.

2. Light the fagort, we need it to start a fire.


A word used by complete morons.

wtf y cnt I go thru tish tree wtf this map si for FAGORTS


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