What is Fagpire?


Often claimed as a vampire, the Fagpire is made to be pleasing to the fantasies of women who are too stubborn to look in the real world for a guy who would fulfill the fantasies and then some.

A Fagpire will be sensitive, loving, and romantic, while a Vampire is evil, cold, and a badass.

One way of seeing a Fagpire is as a Nice Guywho girls would go for due to physical attraction.

While the actual traits of a Fagpire will vary, it is the claim itself which compares them to the likes of Count Dracula. It is much like trying to compare any man to Chuck Norris, because any man in that situation just looks like a fag.

"Hey, do you want to go see Twilight the movie?"

"Nah, i try not to support fagpires who ruin the reputations of vampires."

See vampire, vampires, fag, parody


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