What is Fairport?


basically, it's the Mayberry of Rochester. The only stuff you can do here is a.) go to clawson's b.) go to "the coffee shop" c.) go bowlling d.) go see a movie/go to the mall. It's known for being snobby, but idk why b/c no one is really a snob. Oh, and the kids here are OCD about sports...if you don't play a sport, you are frowned upon.

Fairport, a small village in Rochester known for the saying "Once a Raider, Always a Raider"

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A suburb of Rochester, New York. Its a cool place.

That a-to-the-n-to-the-faggot-ass-douchebag has obviously never been to fairport before.

note: fuck you atothendizzle, you gay motherfucking prick


aka. Fagport, town where a bunch of stuck up fags live

Who lives in Fagport(Fairport)? FAGS!!

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