What is Fardo?


The feeling of embarrassment you have for someone when they can't feel embarrassed themselves.

John was filled with an inescapable sense of fardo at his drunken sister's wedding.


person you has the curious and arguably anti-social habit of falling asleep in the middle of the floor in casual meetings and/or parties. The ingestion of alcohol is not always an explanation to that sudden hybernation. The people around, if they don't try to do some frat-boy prank like pissing on the corpse, usually cover him or her with a blanket to prevent a flu. This benevolent action gives the dude or chick the look of a wrapped mummy ('fardo' in spanish).

Frat boy: That fardo is totally blocking the dance floor, let's pee on him and maybe he'll move.


a person who suddenly fell asleep on the floor in any reunion or meeting even if it´s funny.

It was my first reunion with that people and I met a fardo before he fell asleep.


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