Fat Kylie

What is Fat Kylie?


Young female that believes she is a size 10 and gorgeous whereas in reality she is a dog and a size 22 (at least!!!) She cannot keep her oversized trap shut and often walks past staring in pure jealousy.

Sadly also has fake mirrors in her house as she believes that she is irristable to men and that people want to 'do' her, 'machen die lieben' or simply 'shag' - all of these are incorrect and a blind man with no legs would not touch her.

She lives on take aways and is rarely seen without a pie in her hand or a trifle in her mouth.

Also see fatty boom boom.

OMG Fat Kylie just winked at a hot guy thinking he will be interested.. I think hes just been sick! Poor bloke.

See fat, kylie, cow, pies, skank


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