What is Fatso?


A word usually used as insult to overweight people. Usually used by children.

Stop eating my Twinkies you Fatso!


A fat person(cruel, also a rude term of adress)

Hey fatso, get out of my way.


A glutton who does not realize the fact and thinks they're cool.

The doctor became so exasperated at the obese patient that he yelled! YOU DUMB FATSO, EAT LESS WHIPPED CREAM.


An abbreviation for fat soul. This commonly used insult is more than a mere comment on a person’s physical appearance. It refers to the inner motivations behind this person’s gluttony, hinting that the unstoppable craving for food is a integral part of his or hers personality, or soul. Thus a fatso need not be a obese son of a bitch that has to pay for two seats on an airplane, but might as well be skinny like that most hospitable of Hilton hotels.

Burger joint employee: Do you want the extra large menu for only 1$ extra?

Fatso : Damn man! Look at me! What the hell do you think???

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another definition for a fatso in modern society, is someone who used to be fat but lost alot of their weight with some traces still behind


a person who eats alot and does NOT gain as much weight as other people

for instance if you can eat a 8x8 at in n out and still feel like you can eat more, chances are you are a fatso

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a fatso rating - an acronym for




Sex appeal


use it to rate hot girls that you see on the street, on the bus etc. out of 5 for each, max 20

whoa see that brunette over there - her fatso must be at least 18


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