What is Fauxmo?


1. A pre-meditated state of false gayness, aimed at soliciting attention or affection from the opposite sex. See: Girls Gone Wild; Tom Cruise.

2. False diagnosis of male gayness; develops after lingering too long in a friendship-only relationship with a woman you secretly like. Comic hilarity usually ensues. See: Any movie starring Matthew Perry.

Fauxmo's are the new snags.

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Slang version of fauxmosexual.

Straight men who act, look, and dress if they're gay, in order to appear cool/attractive/interesting to women.

He's not gay, just a fauxmo.


someone who appears to be gay, but is not; a metrosexual.

DJ: Is Kevin gay?

Hannah: Naw, he's just a fauxmo. The tight pants are misleading.

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Fauxmo (Fo mo)

Person who belives is gay/lesbian/bi but in nature is truely not. other terms of the word can be used as an insult without use of hate twoards gays and can be used in inside jokes.

My freind Alex is such a fauxmo

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A man who acts in every way like he is gay yet is actually straight. A step beyond the metro-sexual is the fauxmo.

Gerald's smart outfits and love of design made me think he was gay, but he's dating my friend Kelly so I think he's a fauxmo.

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It's another definition of metrosexual.

Is he gay or a fauxmo?

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somebody who pretends to be mormonbut is not

"you are so fauxmo, why dont you just convert?"

Kristin and Rachel are fauxmo

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