What is Fazodoodled?


Being "fazodoodled" is a state of consciousness typically experienced on a very large night out on the town. Many factors contribute towards this state, consumption of illicit substances included, however generally speaking being "fazodoodled" is A Good Thing(tm).

My learned associate Hardy coined the term late in December 2007. Given there were no Google hits for "fazodoodle" or "fazodoodled" as at 07-Feb-2008, I hereby declare that Hardy invented this word.

"Whoah, I am fazodoodled!"

"Great Odin's Raven!! I am fazodoodled!!"

"How was last night?" "Great! I was abso-fazodoodledly fazodoodled!"

"Can't speak. Fazodoodled."

See spangled, munted, wasted, trolleyed, mashed, rocketed


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