What is Fearless?


Strong willed. Heart of gold. Beautiful inside and out. Able to push through the storms of a shattered heart, broken spirit and tattered body emerging twice as graceful and independent then before. A truly gifted woman with a gorgeous soul and a dreamers disease. i.e Keltie Colleen

Just when I started to feel the sharp edges of rock bottom one girl came to mind and I had to say to myself: I will be okay because I am Fearless

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Fealess is having fears, but not being afraid to face them. The voice in your heart over powers what you want to think.

A wall builds up behing you to keep you from going back even if you wanted to.

He is fearless because I could see it in his eyes that he didnt want to have do into the room, but he did.

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one who fears nothing.No one can be fearless.

some animals are fearless.

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The greatest movie of all time.

Jet Li's last fighting movie, and I'm truly sad to see that little guy go, but man is this movie gonna rock...

Doug: "Hey man, what's the number one movie you want to see this summer?"

Kirk: "What?! How could you even ask a question like that? I'm gonna see Fearless like 5 times! It's Jet Li's last action epic."

Doug: "Oh. I guess I'm just a douche then."

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