What is Fecalisis?


A birth defect that causes your pores to release a mixture of unpleasant odors into the air. This mixture of odors may include sweatly balls, shit, too much fabreeze, manure, the inside of a butthole, elephant jizz, and gasoline.

I feel so sorry for Johnny. He has fecalisis, and he smells like elephant jizz.

I know he loves me, but I can't stand his fecalisis. The smell of the inside of a butthole is too overwhelming.

This fecalisis cream does nothing for Jimmy's fecalisis. The whole house still smells like sweaty shlumsack!

See sweaty, balls, nutsack, shlumsack, elephant, jizz, semen, butthole, manure, fabreeze, gasoline, fecalisis


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