What is Feminine?


Feminine means "What pertains to a woman". There are no qualifications. Whatever a woman does is feminine, because they are a woman, and they are doing something that pertains to them.

The only thing that can really be called "feminine" are ovaries.

A woman in a flowery skirt is feminine. And a woman in leather pants is feminine as well.

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Of a woman. Traditionally, in most cultures, the expectation for a lady to be nurturing, demure, to care for her family, to look beautiful, and to be submissive to her husband(or girlfriend).

But not all women are like that. More than enough women are strong, direct, and independent. What is feminine is what a woman does.

A Gibson Girl hairstyle, white lace dress, subtle makeup, jewelery, romantic poetry, lilies, gardenias. She's feminine.

Denim pants, leather jacket, pierced nose, cropped hair, motorcycle, suits and ties, tools. She's also feminine.


The female gender role. Not all of them are exactly like this, but most are.

It is, in a way, built to fit the male gender role, masculinity.

Feminine traits include but are not limited to: understanding, empathetic, sensitive, submissive, gentle, modest, willowy, and pretty.

Look at any female around you and observe how they act. They're feminine. Most females 14+ act like this.

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"Feminine" behavior would be the behavior that the culture one lives in standardized as "feminine". For example, playing with Barbie or watching romantic movies is what American culture would consider to be a "feminine trait", thus you have feminine trait if you live in America.

Of course, being feminine does not merely pertains to one's behavior, it is also including one's looks. For example, a female body builder would not be considered feminine in America (or anywhere in the world for that matter; try the Andromeda galaxy, ladies). Another example would be a male that sways his hips when he walks; that would be considered feminine in America (and most of the world also).

Once again, "femininity" is not merely limited to looks and behavior. Various other factors include clothing, personal belongings, sexual orientation, etc.

Wow, Ayumi Hamasaki is hotter the Sahara Desert! That's one classy, feminine woman!


An approving word used to describe a sweet, inoffensive woman who wears fluffy pink sweaters and floral perfume. Usually a passive bimbo with the intellect of a sheep. Sleeps with a cuddly stuffed bunny. The ideal that most men want and most women aspire to: not to be confused with feminist.

"Surgically removed your brain? How very feminine of you."


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