What is Femnominal?


1. So-freaking-What!

2. Was that really such a feat for you to complete?

3. Why are you making something of nothing?

4. Get a life.

5. Get back to work.

Pronunciation: fem-nom-uh-nl

Root of word: combined terms; Fem, as in feminne; and Nominal as in normal, trivial, insignificant, or trifling. Indo-European roots, with Strong North American influence.

Commonly used as a sarcastic and deflating term, or response, whenever a person of the female persuasion performs task or action within normal or expected parameters, while said person obviously expects her performance to be noted as something phenomenal or extraordinary.

She says: "I did it just like you said, and blah blah blah..."

Response: <dryly stated> "femnominal"

She says: "and then I had to.. blah, blah.. blah"

Response: <dryly emphasizing pronunciation of nominal within response structure> "in-freakin, fem-*nominal*"

See trivial, insignificant, trifling, minor, flailer


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