What is Festival?


A festival is a music event, usually held outdoors and attended by thousands of music fans. Multiply artists play on usually multiple stages and on some occasions, these festivals last multiple days.

Music fan 1: Belgian festivals are always the greatest..

Music fan 2: Yeah I know, the bands are always so rad... I love it.

Music fan 3: Would you guys please shut up?! I'm trying to enjoy the atmosphere here!!

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A festival is an event, usually attended by the unwashed masses and hippies.

Mainly a festival serves as excuse for crappy rock bands like Athlete and that utter prick Pete Doherty to make a lot of money for doing fuck all.

It is compulsory not to wash for one week before attending a festival. And hippies must always have a grimy joint pressed between their filthy, yellowed fingers.

Hippy: I'm going to a festival this weekend.

Me: I trust you have not washed recently then.

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