What is Fff?


Find, fuck, and forget.

Dude, I am gunna do an FFF tonight.

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Fuck Fuck Fuck

damn man this brainstorming is going no where! FFF

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FFF stands for Filming For Fun. It is a group in Ottawa, in which they make movies just for fun and for friends! :)

Willem, Chandler, Sean, Joel, Morgan Jordan and many others are fine examples of the people who are in the FFF.

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Female-Female-Female, an all girl threesome. Can involve all three at once in a daisy chain or just general fondling and kissing. Or two could be going at it while the other is watching and pleasuring herself, and then switch round. One could be the focus of attention where the second sits on her face and the third eats her out.

It's all...rather...nice...

Use your imagination...;)

Back in January, I was in a FFF and I can't stop thinking about it, so much energy, so hot...

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An all-female threesome (females bi/lesbian)

OMG! Check out that FFF in the corner!

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Freeze, Flick and Freak.

when your so cold that your nipple freezes, you then flick it off, and freak out because you have no nipple.

also known as triple F

dannielle: i'm so cold im gonna FFF

Beth: triple F!!

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Fix, Fuck, Forget

Dude, that girl, I'm gonna FFF her tonight.

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Like BFF's(Best Friends Forever)but only communicate dailey via FACEBOOK,without seeing each other at all!

Me and Akira live in different cities but chat everyday and now each others status as we're FFF(Facebook Friends Forever)

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