What is Fichera?


Ficheras are Latinas who work in Latin cantinas/bars as escorts who accompany men in the bar for drinks. They drink for monetary commission. The word originated from "Ficha" (ticket).

The male client purchases her a beer or cocktail drink at an inflated price. For example a 12 oz. beer for her would be $10. The bar owner keeps $2 and the fichera keeps $8 as commission.

This activity is illegal in the United States but common legal practice in Latin America. The word originated back in the 70s and 80s when the bar kept track of the girl's commission/number of drinks with tickets (fichas). However, vice officers used the tickets (Fichas)as evidence of this illegal activity.

Now, the bar no longer use tickets. The commission is taken right off the top from the client's bill. As soon as he pays the waitress $10 for the beer. The waitress peels off $8 and slides it to the girl.

The term "Fichera" stuck and is always used to describe these women; even amongst themselves. The fichera life is tough. Almost all ficheras use cocaine or crystal meth to counteract the depressant effects of alcohol. This allows them to stay alert and drink more beers/cocktails.

An experienced fichera can pound 18 beers in one night. This is hard on the body!

Some ficheras will pound drinks fast to try and get more cash off a client. This is called "Ficha Fucking".

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1. verb: to piss off to an extent of wanting to claw your own eyes out, also to compulsively lie and try to make others feel bad about themselves

2 noun: major cunt with anger issues and a retarded jewish boyfriend. also known for ginger hair and wanting to be cool, or known for something in life. a complete waste of oxygen

ashley fichera

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