What is Fiddle?


You fucking idiots! A fiddle is a stringed instrument. Much like a violin.

Hey Mr MacIsaac, Quit diddlin that little kid and concentrate on your fiddle.


Verb- To play with, used in conjunction with sexual pleasure and pleasing.

I fiddled your mother's privates. She moaned like a wilderbeast.

See Paul


What rednecks call a violin.

Somewhere in Houston, TX

'My, what a nice violin you have there!'

'Viowhat? This here's a fiddle, ma'am.'

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to gently rub or play with: tickle

He fiddled my asshole.

See adam


Glass pipe for smoking meth.

The fiddler is blowing a new fiddle, so he can smoke his crittle.

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A males penis. Used when discussing penises with with out using the word 'penis'.

Did you see the size of Drew's Fiddle? It was huge!

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A flattened, roadkill squirrel that has hardened over time thus taking on the shape of a fiddle/violin.

That highway was riddled with fiddles.

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