Fiddle Faddle

What is Fiddle Faddle?


What the Ha! Ha! Guy deepfucked your sister for in exchange for a handful.

"Dude, you got any fiddle faddle?"

"Yeah man, I deepfucked your sister for a handful."


It's a carmel popcorn and peanut treat. Kind of like cracker-jacks or poppycock.

That's good faddle.

See Robert


An old game that little kids played instead of the incest

See larstait


A word used by dorks in my biology class for "little penis"

Nabosha has a fiddle faddle!

See dick, dinkie, little, small


Loose (smallish) turds left in the toilet bowl.

Johnny (upon exiting bathroom): "I may have left some fiddle faddle in there."

See turds, poo, crap, shit, popcorn, anal bleaching


An object used for whacking off.

So I cant use any fiddle faddles?


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