What is Fike?


The region of hair that can be found on the male's lower region, specifically on the tate, a.k.a the gooch, b.k.a the grundle. Also, "The Fike is the mowhawk of hair between your balls and your asshole!!!" -Judd Johnston 2001

"Holy shit, this humidity is making my fike clump together and it's rubbing up against my undergarments, thus creating superfluous friction in my pants and extreme discomfort."

"I need a fike trim"

"I'm getting my fike braided into corn rows"


Alternative to the word fuck, used in the situation that you cannot curse.

(John kicked in the balls)



Euphemism for the commonly used swear word of similar sound.

Last name with German origins.

"What the Fike?!"

"Fike you!" (middle finger optional)

"I have a Fike'n headache!"


1. Total Piece of Shit

2. Overused Vagina

3. Bitch with really fucked up tits

4. The biggest fagget who ever lived

Dude shut the fuck up you are so unbelieveably gay, you god damn "fike"


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