Final Fantasy Iv

What is Final Fantasy Iv?


A game developed by Square (now Square Enix), revolving around the main character, Cecil. It is for the SNES, and is called Final Fantasy II in America.

Final Fantasy IV has a complex story. It starts out with Cecil, current captain of the Red Wings, stealing the Water Crystal from Mysidia. He murders several people. When he feels that he is doing wrong and asks the King why they are murdering people, he is demoted and sent to the Village of Mist, with his brother, Kain, to deliver a package. The entrance to Village Mist is guarded by a dragon, but they defeat it. When they get to Village Mist, they find out that the package is really a bomb. The package explodes, and many people that live in the town die. They find a young girl, named Rydia, who is standing next to her dead mother. Rydia's mother was connected to the dragon, and when they killed the dragon, they killed the mother. Rydia attacks Cecil and Kain with a titan, which severs the way back to Baron, the castle in which Cecil and Kain used to dwell, and knocks all three cold.

Cecil awakes, finds the girl injured, and does not know where Kain is. He takes her to an inn in Kaipo.

In the middle of the night, soldiers from Baron find Cecil and Rydia, and under their orders to kill all summoners, attack Rydia. Cecil kills the attackers. Rydia joins Cecial, impressed that he protected her.

Cecil finds his girlfriend, Rosa, in bed. She has desert fever and to heal her he needs to find the SandRuby. The SandRuby is located in Antlion's nest. The Kingdom of Damcyan is the only was to Antlion, so Rydia and Cecil travel there. On the way, they meet Tellah.

Tellah is a sage who is looking for his daughter, Anna. Anna eloped with the bard, Edward. Right when the three arrive at Damcyan, the red wings attack. Anna dies in the bombing. Tellah blames the death on Edward. Edward explains that Golbez is behind the attack and stole the Fire Crystal from Damcyan. Tellah seeks revenge against Golbez, and leaves the party. As a replacement, Edward joins. They find the SandRuby and cure Rosa. She joins the party.

They know that Golbez is after the crystals, so they travel to Fabul, where the wind crystal is kept. While going over Mt. Hobs (the way to Fabul), they find Yang, leader of the monks of Fabul. He is being ambushed by Golbez's monsters. Yang and the party fight them off. When the party informs Yang about the Red Wings and their plot, Yang wants the party to help defend the castle.

When the Red Wings attack, the party has to retreat to the crystal room. Cecil is confronted by Kain, and finds out the Golbez brainwashed him. Kain defeats Cecil in a duel. Golbez then arrives, and steals Rosa and the Wind Crystal.

The party decides that they need an airship to attack the Red Wings, so they sneak back into Baron and aquire an airship from Cid.

Yang then charters a ship to take Cecil, Edward, Rydia, and himself to Baron. While sailing, however, they are attacked by the sea monster Leviathan and the ship sinks.

Cecil awakens alone on a beach near Mysidia, where he is met by the town's wizards. They are mad at him for stealing the water crystal, earlier. The Mysidian elder sees that Cecil wants to fight Golbez, and tells him that he should become a paladin. He has to climb Mt. Ordeals to do so. White and black wizards Palom and Porom go with, to assist and spy on Cecil. On the mountain, they find Tellah, who is looking to find Meteo, to defeat Golbez. Golbez tries to stop the party by sending a demon (Milon), but the party defeats it. Cecil becomes a paladin and Tellah learns Meteo and several other spells.

They return to Mysidia, and the elder is impressed with Cecil. The elder lets Cecil use the "serpent path", which takes the party back to Baron. Cecil finds that Cid has been arrested and Yang has been brainwashed to follow the King of Baron. Cecil helps Yang recover, and they sneak into the castle. They find out that King Baron is actually Cagnazzo, demon of water. After defeating him, Cid is set free and take Cecil and party to the completed airship. Before dying, Cagnazzo causes the walls of the castle to move with the intent of crushing the party. Palom and Porom petrify themselves to halt the trap.

Cecil takes command of the airship and is met at takeoff by the brainwashed Kain, who demands Cecil retrieve the final Crystal in exchange for Rosa's life. Cecil heads for Troia, where the Earth Crystal is enshrined. He learns the Crystal was stolen by the Dark Elf, and his friends and he retrieve it. Kain leads the group to the Tower of Zot, where Rosa is imprisoned. At the tower's summit, Golbez takes the Crystal and attempts to flee. Tellah tries to kill Golbez by using Meteo. The spell kills Tellah and weakens Golbez, shattering his control over Kain's mind. Kain helps Cecil rescue Rosa and, after defeating the Fiend of Wind, Barbariccia, the party escapes to Baron.

In Baron, Kain tells them that there are four more crystals that Golbez is after, and they are located underground. Kain gives Cecil a magma key, which opens the way to the underground. They fly through the opening, but the airship is damaged while caught in a battle between the dwarves and the Red Wings. Cecil tells King Giott of the dwarves that he wants to defend the crystal. The king accepts. Cid goes away to repair the airship. soon after he leaves, Cecil, Rosa, Yang, and Kain discover Golbez has infiltrated the dwarves' crystal room and try to stop his theft of the Crystal. During the battle they are joined by Rydia, who was sucked into the Underworld by Leviathan. However, Golbez escapes with the Dwarves' Dark Crystal, and Cecil sets out to the Tower of Bab-il to retrieve the lost crystals. King Giott offers the services of his tanks to draw the fire of the tower's defenses while the party infiltrates it. While inside, the party confronts Golbez's servant Dr. Lugae. He informs the party that the crystals have been moved to the above ground portion of the Tower, and as his last act Dr. Lugae orders that the Tower's Super Cannon destroy the dwarf tanks. Yang volunteers to stay behind and destroy the Super Cannon while the party escapes, and is presumed dead.

Upon escaping the Tower the party is met by Cid and a repaired airship. They are pursued by the Red Wings and fly back to the upper world to escape them; Cid throws himself overboard and detonates a bomb to re-seal the passage, apparently sacrificing himself. Back on the surface, they find the path to the Tower of Bab-il's upper half. While following it they encounter Edge, the ninja prince of Eblan, who seeks revenge on Rubicant, the Fiend of Fire, for the death of his parents. Edge joins the party. Inside the tower, the party defeats Rubicant but falls through a trap door to an Underground portion of the Tower and finds an abandoned Red Wing airship. The party then goes to the Underworld's Sealed Cave to retrieve the eighth and final crystal before Golbez gets to it. After they do so, however, Golbez retakes control over Kain and forces him to steal the Crystal. Back at the Dwarf castle, Giott tells Cecil of the Lunar Whale, a "ship of light" designed to take travelers to and from the moon. Cid, who was found by the dwarves and nursed by them back to health, fits their airship with a drill and the party drills their way back to the surface. Cecil returns to Mysidia to pray for the Lunar Whale's appearance. It rises from the ocean, and Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, and Edge board it to travel to the moon.

Upon arriving on the moon, the party enters the Lunar Palace, and there the party meets an elderly man named FuSoYa who explains that Cecil's father is a heroic but deceased Lunarian. FuSoYa also explains that a Lunarian named Zemus plans to destroy life on "The Blue Planet" to let lunarians live there. To achieve this, Zemus manipulated Golbez and Kain to obtain the Crystals needed to revive a giant destructive android, the Giant of Bab-il. Meanwhile, on Earth, the forces of the world, including some characters (Yang, Palom, Porom) thought to have died, attack the unleashed Giant. FuSoYa, Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, and Edge enter and destroy the Giant. FuSoYa breaks Zemus' control over Golbez and Kain, and Cecil learns that Golbez is his brother. After destroying the Giant, Golbez and FuSoYa head to the core of the moon to defeat Zemus. Cecil's party follows after reuniting with Kain. After battling to the moon's core, the party witnesses Golbez and FuSoYa defeat Zemus but quickly lose to his ultimate form, Zeromus. With the united life force of all beings combined with a special Crystal provided by Golbez, Cecil and his party defeat Zeromus. Following the conflict, Golbez decides not to go back to Earth and live among the other Lunarians, as he would not be welcome on Earth. One year later, the heroes reunite for Cecil and Rosa's wedding and coronation as Baron's new king and queen.

By the way, FFIV's music is awesome.

Jake: What's your favorite Final Fantasy?

Ben: Final Fantasy IV, it has a great story.

Jake: Yep.

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