What is Firefighter?


A firefighter is no more than a person who holds a compassion for their job, a love of their department and a brotherhood with over a million other men and women alike. They are people you can count on, at any time of the day. They are people who take pride in what they do.. only because thast all they know, thats what they were made to know. Theyre not heros... but they are the elctritions, the carpenters, the pipefitters and the butchers... so next time you see a fireman thank them for what they do... whether they are paid or volunteer they didnt have to take that job.... they wanted it....

A firefighter is no more than the man working on your roof, or the brother who died in the line of duty just doing what he or she loved...

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1) Person who generally fights fires, saves people from fires, exhibits fire safety at local schools, etc. Almost always in prime physical condition as to do their extremely dangerous job well. Also stereotypically male, although there are indeed female firefighters.

2) Post-9/11 adverb used to modify another descriptive adjective. Generally used to impart positive descriptive terms, can be used as an all-purpose intensifier.

1) "Jeff is a firefighter. He's heroic, brave, and hot as all fucking get out."

2) "Ooh, lookie lookie! That boy over there! ... Firefighter cute, girls. If only Jacob could be that hot. He'd probably be able to satisfy me, what with all those well-defined muscles, pumping maddeningly into my love canal ... Oh, damn. Now I have a wideon." OR "Dammit, Merthedil, you're being firefighter obscene!"


Either paid on 24 hour on/off shifts or volunteer, firefighters purpose is to provide medical service to those in need of emergency care, and often, help extinguish residential, commercial, industrial, and vehicle and brush fires, and help rescue or evacuate anyone inside a structure on or at risk of being on fire.

Always in top shape, firefighters often get all the babes, (or guys for the female firefighters) and get their own calenders. Women flock to see firefighters in action, because we are so sexy.

Firefighters are some of the most hard core badasses who have ever existed.


A job thats so awesome that most of those who work as firefighters dont recieve a paycheck and dont bitch about it.

If you want to be a firefighter because it pays well,Has good benifits and get you chicks than its not for you. Most firefighters volunteer for years befor they land a paid job.

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A firefighter is one of the "Emergency Services", They are some of the most brave people, often risking their lives for someone elses, as with the police it is usually thankless unless you are the one who needs them.

Firefighters are some of the worlds bravest people, we should give them the respect and honor they deserve

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any person (boy or girl) who fights fires, risks their own life to save someone else...They are AWESOME & REAL HEROES!!! screw oliver & trevor & richie who think that only men can be firefighters.....Women can do anything they want except penis models!(f.r.i.e.n.d.s)

the cheif of the DFD is a woman....


can refer to either a) Engine-guy; or b)Truckie

a) Engineman- Firefighter who puts out the fire using hand lines and aggressive interior fire attack techniques.

b) Truckie- Person who assists the real Firefighters

Person A: Those Firefighters are going into the building with the hose!

Person B: Yes, those are Engine-gys who are going to put out the fire.

Person A: Those Firefighters are cutting a hole in the roof!

Person B: We call those Truckies.

Person A: I know why the Engine-guys are using the hose, but why are the Truckies cutting a hole in the roof?

Person B: That's so they can look in and see what the real Firefighters are doing.

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