Fist Of Guthix

What is Fist Of Guthix?


Fist of Guthix, or Fog, is a pretty decent minigame recently added to runescape. It is open to both members and nonmembers. You are put into a cave agaist a random player. You take turns being the hunter and the hunted.

The hunted as to pick up a stone out of the dispencer, weild it, then try to gather as many charges as possible. You get charges the fastest in the center. The maximum number of charges you can get is 5,000.

The hunter has a far easier job. They just have to kill the hunted. In members, the easiest way to do so yould be using ice blitzarrage along with Dragon Dagger(p++) special attack. In nonmembers the best tactic is fire blast and rune scmmy. I have learned from personal experiance that range is quite effective too....but hits less. Doesn't really matter what tactic you long as you kill the hunted before they can get a lot of charges :)

The game has 2 rounds, since you and your random opponet take turns being the hunter and the hunted. The game can end by 3 ways.

1. If the hunted fully charges their stone

2. If time runs out

3. If the hunter kills the hunted

After each game, the winner gains rating and is awarded a few tokens depending on how many charges they got. The looser goes down a few ratings and normally isn't rewarded anything. If it was a close game, the looser might get a couple tokens for good effort.

The tokens are used to buy rewards from the store there. Some of them degrade over time and need to be recharged. Others just crumble to dust after they are fully used up.

The most popular rewards are the druidic, combat, and battlemage robes. They look nice and are quite useful. If you want to learn their uses, you can do so by chekcing out the store there... or by simply reading the runescape knowledge base.

This minigame was also made to help replace pking after Jagex removed it... but I think it is a poor replacement since it is 100% safe. BUT, it is a very fun and addicting game for higher levels. Im 111 in nonmembers (at the time of writeing this definition), and I am hooked on this minigame like crack lol.

I suggest giving this game a try if you haven't yet. But

I don't suggest people under level 50 trying it since the average combat level there is about 80ish.

Player 1: Hey man, wanna go play some Fist of Guthix?

Player2: Sure, those new robes look nice!

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