What is Fistycuffs?


Fistycuffs is an expression used only by filthy Englishmen, meaning a fight, (usually incorporates lots of whooping, saying 'what ho' and 'have at you'.)

What ho, this little blighter's itchin fo' a round o' fistycuffs wif me!

See fight, scuffle, duel, scrap, toast


"Queensbury Rules"

Queensbury rules is a form of fistycuffs, not in order to comply with Queensbury rules the fists must not extend and must remain higher than the elbow at all times.

NOTE: Fistycuffs doesn't actually include any form of physical contact whatsoever. Just the act of circling one another should be enough to send any English gentleman into the grave.

For examples of Fistycuffs See various "Ye Olde English" TV shows

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