What is Fitch?


When you don't have time to call someone a fucking bitch, call 'em a fitch!

Murder: ...And after you die, I will kill your momma! *Grabs knife and starts to aim for womans head*

Woman: You fitch!


To cotch with a polecat/ ferret.

'fitch' similar to 'cotch' but instead of relaxing with ones self or friends, relaxing with ones polecat/ ferret.

Up on Box Hill fitch I will.

I am going to fitch.

I went fitching.

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To throw up, usually (but not necessarily) on someone else or someone else's property.

Damn, that chick fitched it all over your back seat!

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Commonly called a "polecat", but, the fitch is not a cat, and neither is it a skunk (which is also called a "polecat"). The fitch is the wild ancestor of the (domesticated) ferret.

I sure am glad someone decided to try to tame a fitch 10,000 years ago, because I just love my sweet little ferret.

See ferret, polecat, hybrids


A fit bitch. Can be used affectionately for close friends (1) or used offensively for enemies or frenemies (2).

Often used to express jealousy about someone you hate.


Beth: Hey, fitch!

Megan: Hey there!


Beth: Megan's such a fitch. I hate her so freaking much.

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its ambercrombies little bitch. how come people say lets go to ambercrombie or ambercrombie & fitch?

wheres the love for fitch????


n. a cross between a fake person and a bitch


She spoke to me in the nicest tone... what a fitch!


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