What is Flactastic?



1. Used to describe something that was done in a way that could not be succeeded even after the views of many people pointing to a successor.

2. Used to describe something that is so far beyond perfect that no other word, made up or not, could describe the ultimate pleasure of having such a thing in one's life.


1. "Wow...this Slayer CD is amazing. The lyrics--the way the songs flow, and how every part makes sense, and is there for a reason, unlike St. Anger--this CD is just about perfect...maybe even FLACtastic..."

2. "Mom! I'm going out to catch the bus!"

"Okay, dear! Have a good day at school! While you're gone, I'm going to have a near-FLACtastic time with your husband!"

3. "DUDE! I got this amazing game for the Wii! You're not going to believe it!"

"Really? That's a kickass game you have. What did those professional game reviewers rate it?"


"OH MY FUCKING GOD. I MUST PLAY THAT GAME NOW. If such a game is really FLACtastic, there's no way I could feel a more negative emotion toward it than a lossless, endless worship!"

See flac, fantastic, flactastic, awesome, great, unbelievable, quality, perfection, perfect, amazing, amazement, insane, insanity, unreal, unrealistic, record, holy, worthy, good, cool, sweet, unprecedented


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