What is Flaggot?


n. person who flags postings as inappropriate on Craigslist or in other online forums, despite the fact that said postings do not violate the forum's terms of use; person who would rather censor an opposing viewpoint than have to present his/her own case convincingly.

Stop flagging my posts of Planned Parenthood's hotline, you flaggot!

See censor, flagger, dogmatic, suppressor, twit


A male participant in the marching band sport- "colorguard"

Dude, check out the flag girls and that flaggot.


Someone who collects the flag during capture the flag (on a video game) when everyone else has an understanding that the flag is not to be captured.

That flaggot just ended all the fun by capturing the flag.

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A derogatory term for a native from Florida. It is the combination of the words florida and faggot. Usually a male wearing a tight shirt, feminine sunglasses, and a colorful flat lid.

That flaggot on the elevator thought he was hot shit, even though I would wreck his shit.

Look at that flaggot.

If that flaggot went to a big city looking like that he'd get jumped.

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A douchebag who flags posts on Craig's List for no good reason other than penile envy and a juvenile mentality!

Dude! I posted a sweet TV for sale on Craig's List and nobody ever responded. When I checked my posting, some Flaggot, flagged my post like a total butt sucker!

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a young male who "flags" other players on online games.

Jimmy fucking reported me that little "flaggot"

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A derogatory term for someone who wears red, white, and blue clothing to be patriotic, and ends up looking like a big queer. Also: Flag.

Girl: Did you see Dexter at the 4th of July party?

Boy: Oh, yeah. Man, he is such a flaggot.

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