What is Flapping?


alternate word to describe jabbing a nice booty

k-malz: i was flapping that booty at the gyzam

deemo: douchebaggg

enlo: spit roasttt meee k-malzzz

See booty, sex, doggy, fuck


When a naked man swings his hips from side to side - causing his penis to alternately hit each of his thighs, going from side to side.

He was standing there in the shower, singing and flapping!

See flapping, naked, man, swinging, hips, shower


An alternative to f**k.

That was flapping sweet!

See flapping, fuck, frick, flipping, swear


hovering around, not really doing much

yo, stop flapping about

See flapping, lazy, bored, hovering, daydreaming, nark


The process of constructing a spliff.

Skinning up

Teacher: You seem to be rather busy with something that you don't want anyone else to see. Come on, if it is more interesting than what is on the board you must share it with the class.

Pupil: Chill mate, I'm just flapping and it aint even a king skin.

See cigarette, joint, spliff


For a woman to stand legs apart or even legs akimbo and swinging her hips side to side. So called because this movement can cause a woman, usually an older one, to produce a flapping sound as her lipshit eachother.

Egad!!! Marjorie is flapping on the dancefloor!


Garland reference to unstable internet equipment that is continuously bouncing between an up and down state.

The telephone company's router was flapping so much that nobody could get connected to the internet.

See flappage, latency, unstable, hosed, unreachable


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