Flash Forward

What is Flash Forward?


When a character in a movie, book, or T.V. show travels back in time and then has flash backs that take place in the future.

I just had a flash forward that I was still in the terminator prisoner camp.

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1) When a character in the televison show LOST has an episode about them where the flashes are about their future and what it will entail.

2) To see your future or an audience witnesses your future and you don't know it.

1) Guy 1: I cannot believe Sayid is a hitman, Jack is living with Kate, Kate's raising Aaron, and Hurley is back in the mental hospital!

Guy 2: Yeah it's awesome and Ben totally kicked the asses of those two dudes on the horses in the Sahara desert!

Guy 1: Sweet action!

2) Guy 1: Dude, I think I'm going to die soon since everyone has been getting flash forwards and all I've been getting is flashbacks!

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