What is Flave?


to be smooth, error free, visually outstanding, to appeal to the senses

"Damn that was flave!"

"Your lookin' flave."

"Your flave with the ladies."

"That Ren guy is flave with the women."

See Ren


A person with a lot of character and/or with a great personality, and with some attitude.

That chick is FLAVE!

She is ugly, but she is super flavin'.

See flave, flav, flavin, flavor


Given as a complement about your girlfriend. It comes from flavor, meaning that the girl is sweet, nice or is pleasant to be around. It can also be used to describe a friends girlfriend.

Ron: Hey have you seen my flave?

Rick: I haven't seen your girlfriend. I wish I had a flave like yours Ron.

Ron: Thanks bro.

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flave is the rock form of cocane. Its another word for crack. It comes from the hood... straight up.

you got a bump? Yeah, but i only got that flave rock.


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